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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Objection Strategy

April 15th, 2014

This Friday’s agenda will arrive in Subscriber’s inboxes at 6am around the world.  It’s covering one of the most useful topics – objection handling. 

As business pressures, economic forces and customers change, objections often do, too.  Or even just the reason for the objections change.  It is useful to explore current objections salespeople face and have a strategy to address those for the clients.  The clients have real concerns or questions that need to be addressed so they can make good decisions.  Salespeople can anticipate their concerns and have a strategy to effectively address those concerns ,therefore, removing a barrier to decision making. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 3 Keys to Successful Business Development

March 28th, 2014

Salespeople often dread having to develop new business whether it’s at new companies or in their existing accounts. I’ve studied the habits of successful business developers for many years. 3 key success factors have inspired this sales team meeting topic and I’m excited to introduce these 3 key habits and open up good debate and sharing of experiences and ideas. 

Subscribers are sure to enjoy the work and great ideas their teams are sure to debate. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Customer-Focused Selling 3 Ways

March 21st, 2014

There is so much pressure to focus on ourselves in sales.  The first question every salesperson gets asked during a meeting with boss isn’t “so how is your customer’s business doing?”.  NO, it’s “how are you doing against goal”?  This sales team meeting topic, arriving with subscribers March 28th,  will ask your team to discuss three ways to keep the focus on the customer’s success.  This is the role of a salesperson and the challenge is to operate that way.

Enjoy the work!

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas – #21: Handling Conflict Like a “Nice Guy”

March 17th, 2014

During your next sales team meeting, have a discussion about the healthy productive, non-confrontational way to disagree.  Salespeople often come with big egos as part of the package.  That ego contributes to success, but can also contribute to conflict.  As a team, discuss ways to keep conversations collaborative and productive.  Use this HBR Management Tip to get the conversation started.

Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Hammers and Nails

March 14th, 2014

The sales team meeting topic being delivered to subscribers Friday, March 21st is a fun topic that everyone needs to be remind of occasionally.  We’ve all heard the “hammer & nails” analogy.  If you sell hammers, everything looks like a nail.  Well, for this topic, we’ll focus on asking more questions instead of taking the urge to start “hammering” as soon as you locate a “nail”.  There could be many more nails or you may discover there are no nails, saving yourself a lot of time and heartache. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 10 Questions for Existing Clients

March 7th, 2014

A few weeks ago, subscribers received the sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Prospective Clients.  Its pretty obvious that we need to ask prospective clients questions so we know how to earn their business by solving their problems or helping them achieve something.  Once we’ve won their business, it is not time to stop asking questions.  In business AND relationships, things are constantly changing.  When you get together with a friend, you don’t assume everything is the same as the last time you spoke and it shouldn’t be that way with customers either. 

This sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Existing Clients, will introduce some questions to help your team uncover new opportunities, determine the changing business needs and make sure you are still providing the right solution for their business.  Someone is selling to your customers, it might as well be you!

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas – #20: Top 10 Questions to Ask Prospects

March 3rd, 2014

There are some great questions that elicit enough information, build rapport, trust and confidence and move a conversation to a next step.  When you ask one, you know it by the response you get from the prospect. Wise salespeople will recognize this and use that question each time they meet with a prospect. 

Get your team together and ask everyone to share their more effective questions for prospects.  As a team, build a list of the Top 10 Questions to Ask Prospects and then, as a team, commit to using them and sharing results.  The goal is to have free-flowing information during meetings with prospects that help you both determine if there should be a next step and then what that should be.  To do this effectively, you have to get enough of the right information by asking the right questions and building their trust enough to answer the questions.  Powerful questions can help accomplish this lofty goal.


Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 5 Ways to Avoid Discounting

February 28th, 2014

Meeting to Win sales team meeting topic to be delivered to Subscribers, Friday, March 7th is 5 Ways to Avoid Discounting

We are focusing on a challenge salespeople in almost every industry face – the pressure to discount.  The pressure comes from a variety of places – competitors, your own company, the customers and the salesperson’s own sales goals.  There are ways to avoid this pressure.  This Meeting to Win sales team meeting topic will share some ideas, facilitate a discussion of the team’s ideas and examine your team’s discounting philosophies and how those impact your pricing choices. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Idea – 3 Proactive Daily

February 21st, 2014

I worked with a very successful salesperson who always had great business in the pipeline, made President’s Club every year and wasn’t in the vulnerable position of having one large client making up most of his goal achievement. Being the wise person I try to be, I asked him how he did it. 

This week’s agenda being delivered to Meeting to Win Subscribers Friday, February 28th will share his simple method and challenge our subscribers’ teams to do the same.  Join us for great discussions, exercises and field application every week. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Keep Customer Meetings Productive

February 14th, 2014

Customers are reluctant to give too much of their valuable time to salespeople so salespeople are challenged to use small windows of time very productively. 

This week’s sales team meeting topic was inspired by a recent HBR Management Tip of the Day, Three Ways to Keep Your Next Meeting on Track.  The Meeting to Win sales team meeting topic being delivered to the inboxes of all subscribers will share how to do this specifically with customer meetings while on a sales call.

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