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Upcoming Sales Team Meeting Topics

October 29th, 2014

Whew!  It has been a busy, busy Fall selling season so far.  I’ve started a new business,, and am learning so much.  Not to mention, selling my new products is giving me a never-ending supply of sales team meeting topic ideas along with those I already gather from talking with sales and management professionals daily.  So, hopefully, you’re with us because, even though we’ve been in business since 2008,  we are just getting started!

Upcoming sales team meeting topics include Spark Performance, Three Ways to Thank Customers and Don’t Lose Momentum During Time Off.  All three timely and relevant for the upcoming selling season.  Subscribe and get a new topic like these every Friday and gain immediate access to all 150+ sales team meeting topics in the topic library.  We look forward to working with you.


Next Sales Team Meeting Topics – July 25 and August 1

July 23rd, 2014

The Back to School commercials have started, people are on their final vacations of the summer and kids are getting their last few mornings to sleep in. Once that bell rings, it’s back to work for all of us, it seems.  I love summer breaks and even the slower pace of business for a few weeks, but I’m always ready to get back in action.

Two upcoming meeting agendas will help you and your team do just that.  It is time to stop wasting time and focus, focus, focus. The next two topics will help you with that.

July 25th – the sales team meeting topic is about focusing on what you want to accomplish at the end of your customer meetings and using that goal as a way to direct the valuable meeting time.  The outcome will be more productive customer meetings which means shorter sales cycles and…faster commissions and happy customers.

August 1 – This sales team meeting topic challenges your team to stop trying to be everything to everybody.  The agenda will lead them through discussions and exercises designed to clearly define who they are and who they help – complete with scripts for upcoming meetings.  You have to know who you are to know who you will “click” with.  By the end of this meeting, they will know.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Updates and Other Customer Service Magic Tricks

July 11th, 2014

It is not that hard to stand out during a sales process and after you’ve won the business.  This topic will share 5 powerful ideas to help salespeople stand out and then challenge them to share their own experiences.

Better relationships with customers will begin immediately following this meeting.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – When To Stop Calling On Your Dream Prospect

July 4th, 2014

The sales team meeting agenda going out to subscribers’ inboxes July 11th at 6am will challenge sales teams to determine when to stop calling on those dream prospects that just aren’t responding with enthusiasm.  It’s so frustrating because you know you could help them, their needs are in your sweet spot and you have great solutions, but they just aren’t jumping at the idea.

We’ll share three ideas for moving forward with these prospects and ask the teams to share their own experiences and debate ideas to try with current dream prospects.  Each team member will leave with a decision on a current dream prospect.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Pay Attention When Vultures are Circling

June 20th, 2014

This Sales Team Meeting Topic will be delivered to subscribers on Friday morning at 6am, June 27th:

There are times when a salesperson has a sense that a deal or an account is dying in front of them, but they plow through ignoring the “signs” and hoping for the best.  The thing to do is acknowledge the signs and take action to stay in control.

This sales team meeting topic will lead a discussion on how to keep control when vultures are circling a deal or an account and give 3 actions to take the moment the signs are seen.

This may sound like a morbid topic…
The truth is – things can change in accounts, you can lose momentum on deals, competitors can take shots at your clients and so on.  If you recognize and acknowledge the signs, you can take control of your future and turn a negative into a positive. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Implement the Laws of Sales Success

June 13th, 2014

Meeting to Win subscribers will have some fun discussing a selling expert’s ideas on sales success during our Summer of Expert sales team meeting series topic being delivered Friday, June 20th at 6am.

At the end of the meeting, they’ll have their own list of the laws of sales success and a commitment to implement one of those laws in the coming weeks.  They will also know what differences they expect to see in their sales results.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 3 Ways to Make Something Happen

June 6th, 2014

The longer I live and practice sales, the more I believe there are certain forces at work.  I believe that visualization can lead to success, for example.  I also believe that I can make things happen.  I am not at the mercy of clients, but instead when I take action, good things happen.  Today’s sales team meeting topic will provide 3 ways to make good things happen.  These are tried and true practices at play around us every day.

I’ll share one salesperson’s experience and then 3 tried and true ways to make something happen in sales territories.

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Next Sales Team Meeting – Take Control of the Waiting Game

May 30th, 2014

You’ve probably been there – you are moving through a selling/buying process with a client and, unexpectedly, you don’t hear back from them as expected.  You are now wondering when, if and how you should follow up.  Meeting to Win subscribers will tackle this common issue during their next sales team meetings (Topic Delivery scheduled for June 6th at 6am).

We’ll share three ideas (2 proactive and 1 reactive) for taking control of this waiting game to keep deals moving toward a go/no-go decision.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – How to Impress Prospective Clients

May 23rd, 2014

I was consulting with a sales professional who was heading out on a trip to meet a prospective client he had been pursuing for quite some time.  He had begun second-guessing everything about the meeting – what he was going to wear, present, say, ask for, etc.  

When you finally get the chance with a prospective client, how do you impress them?  The next Meeting to Win sales team meeting topic will share an idea that had wildly successful results for the salesperon in our example and ask your team to discuss this important topic.  

The result?  Everyone should feel more confident heading into these scenarios after this meeting.

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