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Summer Momentum Project

We here in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the dog days of summer.  If you haven’t taken a vacation yet this summer, shame on you.  Immediately stop reading this and find a beach house - minimum stay 7 nights.  If you are back from vacation, then continue reading.  It really doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to gain the competitive edge.  It simply takes a few strategic moves to create momentum that will reward you when others are just getting back in the game.  Now, mid-July, is the time to take action.  You have a good 6-8 weeks to get a headstart that you will not regret.

Check out the Meeting to Win ideas for heading into the next selling season with a head of steam:

Click on this link to get a list of ideas:  Getting a Headstart

Sales Team Meeting Idea:

  • Ask everyone to read this blog post before your next sales meeting.
  • Ask everyone to come with their own ideas to add to the list.  During the meeting, create a comprehensive list of ideas.
  • During the meeting, ask each person to commit to 1 or more activities that will make the biggest difference in their momentum.
  • Ask someone to “own” the Summer Momentum Project (leadership opportunity).  It will be their job to monitor and report on the team’s progress until the end of August. 
  • Then, once a month,  Sept – Dec, ask the team to share the results of the SMP.  I guarantee you will have RESULTS!

To get sales team meeting agendas that lead your team through exercises to gain momentum, close more pipeline opportunities and stay motivated during the dog – and any other – days, subscribe to Meeting to Win weekly sales team meeting agendas. 

Look forward to Monday mornings!

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