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News You Should Use

This week’s Meeting to Win agenda (sent to subscribers every Friday morning) is focused on “news you can use“.  To stay proactive and become more and more of a valuable resource to customers, it is important to understand the customers’ current events and how those current events impact the decisions they are making.  Those decisions ultimately determine how they will engage the salesperson and their products and services in their business.  Which, I don’t have to say it, impacts the success of the salesperson.

It is a powerful approach to understand the customers’ business and be able to suggest ways to help them address their current business needs before they ask – or worse yet, ask someone else.  Whether they use the salesperson’s ideas or not, it is a powerful position to be in and makes the salesperson a partner in success instead of just another vendor.

Salespeople would be wise to dig into the customers’ news and figure out how that news should impact their decisions and, especially, their decisions in regards to the salesperson’s business.  What should be suggested and expected in the next 30, 60 or 90 days?  How does that impact the salesperson’s business in the next 30, 60, 90 days?

Sales Team Meeting Idea:

  • Ask each salesperson to bring news about their top client to the next sales meeting.
  • Give a 2 minute overview of the current news.
  • As a team, determine 3-5 decisions that customer may make because of this news.
  • How might that impact your company’s business with that customer?
  • What should you do about it?
  • Continue this for each sales rep – 10 minutes per rep.
  • Each rep should leave with one solid action item for an important customer.

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