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3 Ideas to Add Some Energy to Your Monday Morning Sales Team Meeting

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Keeping Monday morning sales team meetings fresh and energizing takes some effort.  Here are three ideas to liven up your Monday Morning Sales Team Meetings.

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1.  Athletes do this.. why not you?  Baseball players have at-bat music, wrestlers have entrance music and teams have theme songs.  Ask your team to choose and share their theme song for the quarter.  Ask them to share the song and why they chose it.  There are many things you can do with these theme songs throughout the quarter – use them during sales team meetings, set their reports to music, fire them up by playing the song on their voicemail.  Music is powerful – use the power!

2.  Invite customers to your sales team meetings.  Once per month, invite a different customer to join your sales team meeting for a few minutes.  Ask them why they buy from your company, what they hear from your competitors, what they would change about working with your company, what would make them stay or leave and anything else you want to know.  Then, do something with the information in the next meeting.

3.  Change venues for your meeting.  If you meet in person, have your meeting outside or at a coffee house.  If you meet on the phone, ask everyone to visit their local Kinko’s and hop on a videoconference.  Change venues each month.  It is amazing how a change in environment changes a mood.

Enjoy energizing sales team meetings this year.  Please send in your ideas to  We’ll share your ideas and give you all the credit. 

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Foot-Dragging as a Success Plan? (Sales Team Meeting Idea)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

This morning’s Wall Street Journal carried a story about Steve Jobs’ success as a result of “foot-dragging“.  The article more so shares Jobs’ high standard for user-experience.  Not only does he continue to create great experiences, he also creates a new definition of user-experience.  He didn’t simply try to do something that’s already been done and do it better, more efficiently or less expensive.  He created a new standard in user-experience and everyone else is just trying to catch up – or even just get in range.  He changed the game and, God willing, will continue to do so. 

So, how can we apply this business lesson to our own world?  As a team, ask yourselves, How can you change the game for your customers?  What user-experience can you create that could change the game?  What would it take to make it happen?

Sales Team Meeting Idea:

Before your next sales team meeting, ask everyone to read the article, How Apple Foot-Dragged to Victory.

Then, during your meeting, come up with a list of ideas to change the game for your customers. 

  • Create a list of things you can do and control in the next 90 days to a year.
  • Then, a list of more elaborate ideas that would take leadership and investment. 

You’ll have a range of ideas and quite possibly …innovate your industry!

Have Better Sales Team Meetings in 2011 (Sales Team Meeting Idea)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Are your sales team meetings painful? Do you feel this pressure to entertain and energize your sales team every Monday morning only to leave feeling disappointed and awkward? You are not alone…

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Sales team meetings call into play skill sets and abilities such as facilitation, showmanship, conflict resolution, public speaking, communication skills and likability. There are people who make a living specializing in just one of those skill sets. So, it’s no wonder it’s challenging to execute productive and inspiring sales team meetings week after week.

I have the solution for you.

Quit trying to do it yourself.

Sales team members didn’t buy a ticket to your show. Therefore, they need to stop showing up on Monday mornings with the attitude of an audience waiting to get their money’s worth.

The sales team meeting is for the benefit of the sales team, not the sales manager. It is time to invite your team to participate in this aspect of their success. By the time they arrive at the Monday morning sales team meeting they should already know the topics and be prepared to contribute to a productive discussion with a clearly defined goal for the time they are spending in the meeting.

To achieve this, begin by holding your last performance meeting about the future of your team’s Monday morning sales team meetings. Let the team know that collectively the group has much more to contribute that just you alone. With that reality, it is time to share ownership of the weekly sales team meetings.

Some things you can do during this meeting to improve all future meetings include:

  • Ask the team for their ideas to improve sales team meetings.
  • Ask the team to share what they believe to be the value of a well-executed weekly sales team meeting.
  • Set up a schedule for each team member to own sales team meetings – find topics and exercises, create and send agenda, meet goals.
  • As a team, create a list of useful topics.
  • As a team, set rules of engagment for sales team meetings.

Expecting your team to take ownership in the weekly sales team meeting accomplishes several things. 

First, they will be more engaged and make better use of that hour.

Second, they get the chance to develop leadership skills.

Third, they get the chance to improve meeting management skills which will be evident in future meetings with customers.

Enjoy better meetings in 2011.  If you would like a sales team meeting template to help you faciliate this meeting we described above, simply visit our Store to Purchase and Download the Topic-to-Win Sales Team Meeting Success.

Do It Before They Ask (Sales Team Meeting Idea)

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Everyone wants more for their money these days.  A powerful way to outsmart and out-win the competition is to keep providing your clients more value – before they ask.  Creating simpler invoices, providing valuable information or finding better delivery options are all ways to accomplish this.

The new year is a great time to solidify your value with your clients.  When was the last time one of your vendors approached you with an idea to help you do something more effectively?  If it’s happened, chances are you really remember it because …. it’s rare!

Examine the business practices and goals of your top customers and determine if there is a way you can help them do something more effectively.  Then, set a meeting to discuss your ideas.  At the very least, you will leave that meeting with a more loyal customer than before the meeting.  At the very best, they partner with you to work together to add more value for you both.

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Happy New Year Gift to Our Readers

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

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What’s Your Silver Bullet?

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

As I often do, I try to look at successful leaders and try to determine what they actually DO. What makes them successful?  How does one leader turn around a bad situation while another can’t seem to make performance budge? 

Coaches of football teams are some of the most public leaders and it is fun to see their strategy in action.  Their success and failure is so public.  As the great Urban Meyer steps away from the Gators, much focus has been put on his success.  They point out over and over his two, what I call, silver bullets – (1) special teams and (2) score in the red zone.  It made me think of other “silver bullets” I’ve observed.  One Sales VP I had, who continues to be very successful, had this silver bullet – never have an open sales territory.  She beat the recruiting drum constantly because in our business sales dropped drastically within the first 30 days of an open territory.  Her silver bullet made her #1 over and over.  A VP of Operations I had used to take the list of 40+ company initiatives for his team and whittle it down to 2-3 focuses and took the heat for the other 37 things they weren’t executing on as effectively.   Because he always picked the right things, his performance was always the best and, you guessed it, there wasn’t much heat to take.

Do you have a silver bullet?  What is the one thing that matters to your performance above all else?  Determine your silver bullet and focus your energy there. 

Happy New Year!

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