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Professional Image – Your Standards?

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The Meeting to Win Agenda that is delivered to subscribers on February 25th addresses Professional Image in regards to appearance.  A colleague who knew about this Professional Image series forwarded us an article, UBS relaxing dress code, which set underwear standards.  I had a colleague on our HR team at a previous employer who wrote the funniest dress code policy.  I wish I would have saved it.  He even went so far as to suggest “no white shoes after Labor Day”.  People’s choices in the workplace create a never-ending list of “don’ts” for an HR team to address.  This is part of the joy of working with people. 

As we continue down the path of Professional Image in our sales team meeting topic series, we wanted to share this article and challenge you and your team.  The truth is that our image does impact our performance whether we like it or not. 

Ask your team members to share their own image standards in the workplace.  What is on their list of “dos” and their list of “don’ts”?  As a team, set your team’s standards together.  You can even have some fun with this!

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FREE SAMPLE – Sales Team Meeting Topic – 10 Things Your Customers Don’t Know

Friday, February 11th, 2011

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10 Things Your Customers Don’t Know Summary:

It has been proven over and over that it is in the best interest of sales professionals to nurture their existing customer relationships to succeed in the long term. The cost of maintaining and growing an existing customer is considerably less than acquiring a new one. With that in mind, this topic is about continuing to educate our existing customers about how we can help them succeed. Often, we sell them one solution to get one result and we fail to expand that relationship across their organization or across our own suite of solutions.  In this topic, your team will be challenged to think about what their customers don’t know you can do for them.  They will leave the meeting with a strategy for uncovering new needs at existing customers and then sharing solutions to those uncovered needs. The result should be expanded business with existing customers. 


Good Selling,

Jill Myrick

Owner, Meeting to Win

Meeting to Win Sales Team Meeting Topics-to-Win List – 90+ Sales Team Meeting Topics

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

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WEBCAST: Top 5 Best Practices for Productive Sales Team Meetings

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

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