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Reading to Win Book Club – The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s time for the Meeting to Win Q4 Reading-to-Win Book Club. We’ve chosen the book, The Energy Bus, 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy , by Jon Gordon.  Whether your team is struggling to end the year strong or overflowing with positive energy, this book will give them the extra push and motivation to end 2011 with energy and success.  Buy the book and join us for a 16-week discussion.  Get on the bus with Meeting to Win!

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 1, Flat Tire; Chapter 2, Good News and Bad News

Discussion Questions:

  • Think about whoyou know (or is it you?) that expects things to go wrong?
  • Describe how they make you feel or act?
  • In Chapter 2, George heard some “good news”, but because of his perspective, he missed it.  What opportunities has life handed you recently that you didn’t notice?  Has anything that seemed like bad news, actually turned into good news for you?
  • How did George’s perspective on the news of his car affect his work and family life?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 3, The Long Walk Home; Chapter 4, George Wakes Up

Discussion Questions:

  • Describe a time in your professional life when you were at risk of “losing it all”.
  • Define “all”.
  • What is the difference between “talking” the game and “playing” the game in a sales role?
  • What evidence exists to prove one is “talking” it or “playing” it?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 5, No Joy on the Bus; Chapter 6, The Rules; Chapter 7, You’re the Driver

Discussion Questions:

  • What signs do you keep seeing that tell you something needs to change?
  • Think of a time when the “fires” kept getting in the way of the goal.  List out your “fires” from the past week. 
  • Do you have any “rules” for your life?  If so, what are they?
  • Rule #1.  Who is your driver?
  • Beginning finishing the 3 sentences at the end of Chapter 7.

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 8, It’s All About Energy; Chapter 9, George Shares His Vision.

Discussion Questions:

  • Review your visions from the end of Chapter 7.
  • Now, list activities and people who increase your energy and those that drain your energy.
  • Share your vision with someone.
  • Why would now be a good time to make some changes?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 10, Focus; Chapter 11, The Power of Positive Energy

Discussion Questions:

  • Rule #2.  How can you spend more time focusing on your vision?
  • Do NOT complain about anything for one whole day, then one whole week.
  • Invite others into the No Complaining challenge with you.
  • Rule #3.  Think of three events from the recent past that gave you negative feelings.  What are some other, more positive perspective choices you could have made?
  • Specifically, how can you be more positive at work today?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 12, George Takes a Walk; Chapter 13, One Great Golf Shot Theory, Chapter 14, Bus Tickets.

Discussion Questions:

  • Start your day with a Thank You Walk around your office.
  • What was your great golf shot from the previous day? If you are in leadership, call each person on your team this week and ask what their success was from the previous day.
  • Rule #4:  Who do you need to invite on your bus?  Visit and get your e-tickets.

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 15, A Very Long Weekend; Chapter 16, Who’s on the Bus, Chapter 17, The Enemy is Negativity.

Discussion Questions:

  • What can you apply the character of Abraham Lincoln to in your role at work?
  • Any idea who your wolves would be?
  • Rule #5:  How can you apply this rule today? What will you do differently to follow this rule?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 18, No Energy Vampires on the Bus; Chapter 19, The Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy, Chapter 20, George Takes Control of His Bus; Chapter 21, George Has a Dream.

Discussion Questions:

  • Rule #6:  Post your sign.
  • Make a plan to handle your energy vampires.
  • How can you build your positive strength?

Week #9:

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 22, Better Today than Yesterday; Chapter 23, Feeling Good, Chapter 24, Lead with Heart.

Discussion Questions:

  • How can you improve daily?
  • How would people describe your heart?
  • How can you lead with heart?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28.

Discussion Questions:

  • Rule #8:  How do you show your “passengers” you really care about them?
  • Based on the “Five Ways to Love Your Passengers” in Chapter 27, dDescribe a leader you know of who really loves their passengers.
  • Look for ways today to invest in people – be  a “love magnet”.

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31.

Discussion Questions:

  • What’s your team’s purpose?  How is your team helping to put a man on the moon (insert your company’s ultimate goal)?
  • Work together as a team for a shared vision or purpose.  What is it?
  • How are your implementing Rule #10?

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 32, Chapter 33, Chapter 34.

Discussion Questions:

  • Visualize your moment of glory.  How will you celebrate?
  • Where can you provide some “joy”?
  • Review the 10 Rules and how you can apply them.

Extra credit:  Follow the The Energy Bus Action Plan in the back of the book. 

Happy New Year!