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Halloween Sales Team Meeting Idea: What Scares Your Customers?

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween. What scares your customers?  Today is a great day to ask yourselves that question and, more importantly, alleviate those fears.

Fear is a powerful sales motivator.  Consumers spend money on many products and services (vitamins, alarm systems, etc)  because they are afraid of what may happen if they don’t.  Your customers are no different.  They may spend money on a solution from you because they are afraid of the problem you solve.  Today is a great day to recognize their fears and double-check yourselves to make sure you are actually alleviating their fears.

  • As a team, look at your top accounts.  Each person, examine your top 2.
  • Before the meeting, each rep should list their customers’ fears as they understand them.
  • During the meeting, each rep should share their top cutomers’ fears and the solutions your company provides or is proposing to alleviate those fears.
  • IMPORTANT: For those top accounts where the rep isn’t clear about “what scares their customers”, set a plan to help them learn their fears. 
  • Then, each person share how the customer feels about these solutions.  Is there still fear?  Why?  As a team, come up with ideas to mitigate the customers’ fears in each case. (Action Items.)
  • Outcome: Each person leaves with specific actions to take in each account to alleviate or confirm that you have alleviated the fears of your top customers.  Also, those who aren’t sure what scares their top customers should leave with a plan to learn their fears so they can complete this exercise with all the top accounts.

Happy Halloween!  Have a great Monday meeting.