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Upcoming Sales Team Meeting Topics

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Whew!  It has been a busy, busy Fall selling season so far.  I’ve started a new business,, and am learning so much.  Not to mention, selling my new products is giving me a never-ending supply of sales team meeting topic ideas along with those I already gather from talking with sales and management professionals daily.  So, hopefully, you’re with us because, even though we’ve been in business since 2008,  we are just getting started!

Upcoming sales team meeting topics include Spark Performance, Three Ways to Thank Customers and Don’t Lose Momentum During Time Off.  All three timely and relevant for the upcoming selling season.  Subscribe and get a new topic like these every Friday and gain immediate access to all 150+ sales team meeting topics in the topic library.  We look forward to working with you.


Next Sales Team Meeting Topics – July 25 and August 1

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The Back to School commercials have started, people are on their final vacations of the summer and kids are getting their last few mornings to sleep in. Once that bell rings, it’s back to work for all of us, it seems.  I love summer breaks and even the slower pace of business for a few weeks, but I’m always ready to get back in action.

Two upcoming meeting agendas will help you and your team do just that.  It is time to stop wasting time and focus, focus, focus. The next two topics will help you with that.

July 25th – the sales team meeting topic is about focusing on what you want to accomplish at the end of your customer meetings and using that goal as a way to direct the valuable meeting time.  The outcome will be more productive customer meetings which means shorter sales cycles and…faster commissions and happy customers.

August 1 – This sales team meeting topic challenges your team to stop trying to be everything to everybody.  The agenda will lead them through discussions and exercises designed to clearly define who they are and who they help – complete with scripts for upcoming meetings.  You have to know who you are to know who you will “click” with.  By the end of this meeting, they will know.

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Next Sales Team Meeting – Take Control of the Waiting Game

Friday, May 30th, 2014

You’ve probably been there – you are moving through a selling/buying process with a client and, unexpectedly, you don’t hear back from them as expected.  You are now wondering when, if and how you should follow up.  Meeting to Win subscribers will tackle this common issue during their next sales team meetings (Topic Delivery scheduled for June 6th at 6am).

We’ll share three ideas (2 proactive and 1 reactive) for taking control of this waiting game to keep deals moving toward a go/no-go decision.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 10 Questions for Existing Clients

Friday, March 7th, 2014

A few weeks ago, subscribers received the sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Prospective Clients.  Its pretty obvious that we need to ask prospective clients questions so we know how to earn their business by solving their problems or helping them achieve something.  Once we’ve won their business, it is not time to stop asking questions.  In business AND relationships, things are constantly changing.  When you get together with a friend, you don’t assume everything is the same as the last time you spoke and it shouldn’t be that way with customers either. 

This sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Existing Clients, will introduce some questions to help your team uncover new opportunities, determine the changing business needs and make sure you are still providing the right solution for their business.  Someone is selling to your customers, it might as well be you!

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Next Sales Team Meeting Idea – 3 Proactive Daily

Friday, February 21st, 2014

I worked with a very successful salesperson who always had great business in the pipeline, made President’s Club every year and wasn’t in the vulnerable position of having one large client making up most of his goal achievement. Being the wise person I try to be, I asked him how he did it. 

This week’s agenda being delivered to Meeting to Win Subscribers Friday, February 28th will share his simple method and challenge our subscribers’ teams to do the same.  Join us for great discussions, exercises and field application every week. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic: Jump Start Growth in Existing Clients

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Meeting to Win subscribers will enjoy the sales team meeting topic, Jump Start Growth in Existing Clients, to be delivered Friday, January 17th.  If you are providing your existing customers with the results they were seeking, they can be a great source of new revenue for you and new results for them.

3 Ways to Jump Start Growth that our subscribers will be discussing and applying:

#1:  Be Present

#2:  Increase Customer Service

#3:  Add More Value

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas – #18: Role Play…. Seriously.

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Everyone will moan and groan.  Thats for sure.  It’s just like the pain you feel when you took that first public speaking class, but the first time you were asked to speak in front of a group, you were so glad you’d had the practice.  Role play upcoming meetings, role play first calls to a customer, role play objection handling, role play every meeting for 5 minutes.  Your team will grow into excellent communicators with this commitment.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. right?

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas – #16: Visualize Success in the New Year

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

PalmTreesVisualization is a powerful mental exercise.  I’ve practiced this in my own life and I’ve achieved much of what I’ve visualized – almost exactly like I visualized it.  I’m a believer!

What does success look like to you and your team?  Here is a fun exercise to do heading into a new year.  Stop and as a team visualize success. This means much more than simply giving yourselves a sales growth goal.  This means to actually describe what success looks like (% over plan, specific new customers, etc) and what it feels like (stress free, happy customers, big commission checks).  Each person, in great detail, should visualize the success they want to have in the next year and them describe it to their teammates.


100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #10 – Expect Common Objections

Monday, June 10th, 2013

During your next sales team meeting, talk about the objections your team is hearing.

Chances are they are all hearing the same objections and there may not be as many as they thought. This is a great exercise and will help your team feel more in control.

Sometimes it feels like all you get are objections and its useful to break that down to manageable pieces.

After you identify the objections you commonly hear come up with strategies and scripts for addressing each one. Now, during their next sales call, they can expect and effectively address their most common objections. Empowering!

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas Project by Meeting to Win

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

We are working on the 100 Sales Team Meeting Idea project at Meeting to Win this year.  We believe that sales team meetings are a great way to develop and motivate sales teams and our goal is to provide Sales Managers with a lifetime of powerful sales team meeting topics and ideas.  Stay with us and check back regularly as the list grows.   Feel free to email me your ideas and we’ll add them to the list with credit to you –

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas Project

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #1 – Dust Off the Training Manuals

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #2 – Invite an Operating Partner

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #3 – Start a Team Book Club

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #4 – SWOT Your Company

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #5 – Customer Current Events

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #6 – Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #7 – Fresh Eyes on Stale Accounts

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #8 – Tools of the Trade

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #9 – Boardroom Ettiquette

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #10 – Expect Common Objections

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #11 – Team Topics by Topic Leaders

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #12 – 10 Things Customers Hate

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #13- Follow a Blog

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #14 – Improv

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #15 – End of Year Sales Lessons – available Monday, November 11, 2013


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