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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – Objection Strategy

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

This Friday’s agenda will arrive in Subscriber’s inboxes at 6am around the world.  It’s covering one of the most useful topics – objection handling. 

As business pressures, economic forces and customers change, objections often do, too.  Or even just the reason for the objections change.  It is useful to explore current objections salespeople face and have a strategy to address those for the clients.  The clients have real concerns or questions that need to be addressed so they can make good decisions.  Salespeople can anticipate their concerns and have a strategy to effectively address those concerns ,therefore, removing a barrier to decision making. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Idea – 3 Proactive Daily

Friday, February 21st, 2014

I worked with a very successful salesperson who always had great business in the pipeline, made President’s Club every year and wasn’t in the vulnerable position of having one large client making up most of his goal achievement. Being the wise person I try to be, I asked him how he did it. 

This week’s agenda being delivered to Meeting to Win Subscribers Friday, February 28th will share his simple method and challenge our subscribers’ teams to do the same.  Join us for great discussions, exercises and field application every week. 

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – A Mile in Your Customers’ Shoes

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Meeting to Win Subscribers (new topic weekly + 24/7 access to Topic Library) will be receiving A Mile in Your Customers’ Shoes on Friday, February 14th. 

The meeting topic agenda will facilitate an analysis of the current customer experience, how to improve it and how, specifically, that could impact sales performance. 

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Friday, January 31st, 2014

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas – #18: Role Play…. Seriously.

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Everyone will moan and groan.  Thats for sure.  It’s just like the pain you feel when you took that first public speaking class, but the first time you were asked to speak in front of a group, you were so glad you’d had the practice.  Role play upcoming meetings, role play first calls to a customer, role play objection handling, role play every meeting for 5 minutes.  Your team will grow into excellent communicators with this commitment.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. right?

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100 Sales Team Meeting Topic Ideas – #17: Manage the Virtual You

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

I’ve spoken with several recruiters, hiring managers and buyers in the past few months who shared that the first thing they do when deciding to meet with someone for the first time is look at their LinkedIn profile, then Google them.  Is that good or bad for you?  As a team, spend some time looking at each other’s on-line presence beginning with LinkedIn profiles. 

What impression do you want prospective and current clients to have after seeing the virtual you?  As a team, discuss how to improve your on-line self to send the right message to your clients.

Each person should walk away knowing what impression their current LinkedIn profile gives to viewers and one idea to improve their on-line presence.  Time well spent since it seems everyone is looking….

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #12 – 10 Things Customers Hate

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Too often salespeople can become consumed with their own goals and needs in the client/salesperson relationship. When this becomes the focus, salespeople can begin to do things that customers hate. These things include acting too needy, desperate, pushy, etc.

As a team, take a moment to do this exercise. Create a list of all the things salespeople do that customers hate. Think of examples where you have been the customer and also from your experience in sales.

Once you have a Top 10 list, examine how you treat your customers and make sure you aren’t doing anything on the list.

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #11 – Team Topics with Topic Leaders

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Sales Managers often try to do it all.  This is an area where sharing the workload can have a positive impact on the customers and on sales.  Ask someone or a team of two or three to plan the next sales team meeting.  Ask them to come up with a topic of interest or concern for the team (you may be surprised!), set a goal for what they want to accomplish in the meeting and plan the agenda to get them to the goal. 

Turn over the reigns at the next meeting.  Not only will the team be guaranteed a useful and relevant meeting, but you’ll be developing leadership and presentation skills among your team members.

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #9 – Boardroom Ettiquette

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

I was watching a morning news show a few weeks ago and they had a special guest on discussing boardroom ettiquette.  When I first went into sales, I had the privilege of going through a homegrown company training program called Professional Selling. This course covered everything from what color socks to wear to how to shake hands to what fork to use with what course.  For a recent college grad, this course was an unbelieveable gift. 

Much has changed since those days.  Now there are new challenges such as business casual dress codes and smartphones.  There are more ways to offend than ever before – texting during meetings, dressing too casual, etc.

As a team, have a discussion about Boardroom Ettiquette.  Make your own list of 10 Rules that should always be followed.  A competitive edge can come from being a polite professional. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a great impression with your professionalism.


100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #7 – Get Fresh Eyes on Stale Accounts

Monday, March 18th, 2013

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#7 – Get Fresh Eyes on Stale Accounts

When the team is doing well, it gives the whole group momentum.  It’s fun to be part of a winning team and the attitude and success can be contagious.  For an upcoming meeting, get the group together and get fresh eyes on one or more stale accounts. 

  • Ask a couple of  salespeople to be prepared to share information about one of their accounts that has gone stale.  Maybe they used to do more business or they know there is opportunity for more, maybe a decision maker has changed or priorities have shifted. 
  • At the meeting, ask them to share a 3-5 minute overview of the account and the opportunities that exist within that account.
  • The team should come up with 3-5 ideas to win more opportunities from this account.
  • The salesperson should leave the meeting with a commitment to try 1 or more of the ideas from the team.

Fresh eyes on existing accounts is a powerful way to come up with new ideas to break into accounts where lots of opportunity exists.