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Don’t Waste January

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

I love the start of a new year in sales.  Everyone seems to be ready to get back to work, refreshed from some time off, but also more willing to take a new approach to achieve results or fix problems.  This is a great time to be a salesperson.  Customers are examining how to make the new year better than the previous one and if you can help them do that, then it’s a great time to reach out for a conversation.

Don’t waste the golden moment which is January.  The excuses for not calling customers during January are (1) “I’ll call them after my kick-off meeting“, (2) “I don’t even have my new goals yet”, (3) “They are probably busy after vacation“, (4) “I’ll get my plan together and then start calling people“, etc….

Once February hits, customers like everyone else have often forgotten the feeling of a fresh start.  Don’t miss the opportunity to help customers.  Strike while they are motivated to make a difference.  You’ll beat the February rush.

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Upcoming Sales Team Meeting Topics

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Whew!  It has been a busy, busy Fall selling season so far.  I’ve started a new business,, and am learning so much.  Not to mention, selling my new products is giving me a never-ending supply of sales team meeting topic ideas along with those I already gather from talking with sales and management professionals daily.  So, hopefully, you’re with us because, even though we’ve been in business since 2008,  we are just getting started!

Upcoming sales team meeting topics include Spark Performance, Three Ways to Thank Customers and Don’t Lose Momentum During Time Off.  All three timely and relevant for the upcoming selling season.  Subscribe and get a new topic like these every Friday and gain immediate access to all 150+ sales team meeting topics in the topic library.  We look forward to working with you.


Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – When To Stop Calling On Your Dream Prospect

Friday, July 4th, 2014

The sales team meeting agenda going out to subscribers’ inboxes July 11th at 6am will challenge sales teams to determine when to stop calling on those dream prospects that just aren’t responding with enthusiasm.  It’s so frustrating because you know you could help them, their needs are in your sweet spot and you have great solutions, but they just aren’t jumping at the idea.

We’ll share three ideas for moving forward with these prospects and ask the teams to share their own experiences and debate ideas to try with current dream prospects.  Each team member will leave with a decision on a current dream prospect.

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Next Sales Team Meeting Topic – 10 Questions for Existing Clients

Friday, March 7th, 2014

A few weeks ago, subscribers received the sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Prospective Clients.  Its pretty obvious that we need to ask prospective clients questions so we know how to earn their business by solving their problems or helping them achieve something.  Once we’ve won their business, it is not time to stop asking questions.  In business AND relationships, things are constantly changing.  When you get together with a friend, you don’t assume everything is the same as the last time you spoke and it shouldn’t be that way with customers either. 

This sales team meeting topic, 10 Questions for Existing Clients, will introduce some questions to help your team uncover new opportunities, determine the changing business needs and make sure you are still providing the right solution for their business.  Someone is selling to your customers, it might as well be you!

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas Project by Meeting to Win

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

We are working on the 100 Sales Team Meeting Idea project at Meeting to Win this year.  We believe that sales team meetings are a great way to develop and motivate sales teams and our goal is to provide Sales Managers with a lifetime of powerful sales team meeting topics and ideas.  Stay with us and check back regularly as the list grows.   Feel free to email me your ideas and we’ll add them to the list with credit to you –

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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas Project

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #1 – Dust Off the Training Manuals

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #2 – Invite an Operating Partner

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #3 – Start a Team Book Club

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #4 – SWOT Your Company

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #5 – Customer Current Events

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #6 – Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #7 – Fresh Eyes on Stale Accounts

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #8 – Tools of the Trade

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #9 – Boardroom Ettiquette

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #10 – Expect Common Objections

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #11 – Team Topics by Topic Leaders

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #12 – 10 Things Customers Hate

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #13- Follow a Blog

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #14 – Improv

100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas:  #15 – End of Year Sales Lessons – available Monday, November 11, 2013


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100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas: #3 – Start a Team Book Club

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

A team book club is a great way to build teamwork, increase business acumen, spark new ideas, become better business partners with your clients, stay current and get up and out of your everyday world.

As a team, choose a book on a topic that would benefit the team, assign weekly reading and weekly book club meeting leaders. Each week the team members should come prepared to discuss the assigned reading. The leader for that week should prepare 2-3 discussion questions depending on the time allotted for discussion.

At the end of the meeting, spend a few minutes discussing how something you learned may be applied in the field.

You’ll see a spark in your team as you work your way through a team book club.

Stay tuned for more from Meeting to Win’s list of 100 Sales Team Meeting Ideas.

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The Social Network in Sales

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

During the month of August Meeting to Win subscribers have been taking lessons from the past year’s top movies.  We’ve covered Limitless, Just Go With It and even Yogi Bear (who by the way, had a real sales problem).  This Friday, each subscriber is receiving The Social Network agenda.


Social networks have touched every life.  Whether you are a user or not, you are hit with the new vocabulary such as “tweets”, “like me”, “friend me”, “LinkIn with me”, etc.  We’ll ask teams to examine social networking and how it can advance – or even jeopardize – their cause in the marketplace. 

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Meeting to Win Sales Team Meeting Topics-to-Win List – 90+ Sales Team Meeting Topics

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Meeting to Win Sales Team Meeting Topics available for purchase and immediate DOWNLOAD at the Meeting to Win Store

You may download the Meeting To Win Sales Team Meeting Topics-To-Win Catalog.  This was updated in January 2011 and is a list of 90+ sales team meeting topics available for immediate download on the Meeting to Win Store.

We currently offer 90+ sales team meeting topics across 21 different selling categories.  Each topic can take 20-50 minutes to execute depending on how you want to use it.

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3 Ideas to Add Some Energy to Your Monday Morning Sales Team Meeting

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Keeping Monday morning sales team meetings fresh and energizing takes some effort.  Here are three ideas to liven up your Monday Morning Sales Team Meetings.

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1.  Athletes do this.. why not you?  Baseball players have at-bat music, wrestlers have entrance music and teams have theme songs.  Ask your team to choose and share their theme song for the quarter.  Ask them to share the song and why they chose it.  There are many things you can do with these theme songs throughout the quarter – use them during sales team meetings, set their reports to music, fire them up by playing the song on their voicemail.  Music is powerful – use the power!

2.  Invite customers to your sales team meetings.  Once per month, invite a different customer to join your sales team meeting for a few minutes.  Ask them why they buy from your company, what they hear from your competitors, what they would change about working with your company, what would make them stay or leave and anything else you want to know.  Then, do something with the information in the next meeting.

3.  Change venues for your meeting.  If you meet in person, have your meeting outside or at a coffee house.  If you meet on the phone, ask everyone to visit their local Kinko’s and hop on a videoconference.  Change venues each month.  It is amazing how a change in environment changes a mood.

Enjoy energizing sales team meetings this year.  Please send in your ideas to  We’ll share your ideas and give you all the credit. 

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Sales Team Meeting Troubleshooter – Problem: Non-Existent

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

As you can imagine, Sales Managers often call us to discuss challenges they face in regards to their sales team meetings.  We are addressing those challenges one-by-one in our Meeting to Win Sales Team Meeting Troubleshooter in an effort to eradicate the world of bad sales team meetings.  You are welcome. 

Today, we are addressing one we hear as a complaint from sales people and a challenge from sales managers.


Everyone agrees that regularly held sales team meetings add value to a salesperson’s week.  But…many, many teams have these meetings sporadically.  They are often scheduled last minute or, worse yet, cancelled last minute or, in the worst cases, abandoned completely.  Whatever the reason, salespeople experience inconsistent sales team meeting schedules.  We do know that regular, consistent communication is a key activity in any healthy relationship, professional or otherwise.  Why would it be any different on a sales team?  Lack of communication reduces morale, accountability and trust and increases miscommunication, fears and negativity.


  • Use the technology available to you to proactively schedule your sales team meetings.  Most find it’s best to have the meeting at the same time each week and simply put a recurring appointment on the calendars of the sales team.  (You may want to change quarterly just to keep things fresh.)  That way, you can include an agenda, call-in information, etc right in the meeting notice.  The sales team will plan around this meeting since it is part of their schedule already.
  • This next one is the most frustrating thing for a salesperson.  DON’T CANCEL THE MEETING!  Too often, this cancellation goes out at the last minute or every week.  The sales team begins to not believe you when you schedule this meeting.  It is disrespectful to ask salespeople to plan around a meeting that you end up cancelling regularly.  Don’t treat their schedule any different than you want your schedule treated.  It is better to just not schedule the meeting in the first place.
  • Salespeople in particular can get very disconnected. Often they are out in the field by themselves all week taking care of customers.  Give them an hour a week to stay connected with their teammates.  This gives them a chance to feed off of the team’s energy, share frustrations, brainstorm solutions and simply connect with those in their shoes.  Don’t deprive them of this motivational hour.
  • As the Sales Manager, your team is your only job. Without them, you wouldn’t have all those other tasks anyway. So, make them your priority and let nothing stop you from your weekly team meeting.  They are your job – don’t let other things become your priorities.  At Franklin Covey, they ask managers “What is the one thing that has to happen or else nothing else matters?”.  For you, it’s that your team performs.  Nothing else you do will ultimately matter unless your team performs. A weekly sales team meeting is a key activity to have on your list of top priorities.

This is such a common problem – I hope this is helpful for Sales Managers.  Sometimes managers hesitate to schedule their meetings because they don’t know what they’ll talk about.  Those managers may want to subscribe to Meeting to Win.  We send subscribers 60+ minutes of sales team meeting content every week.  You’ll never lack for great sales topics for your sales team meetings again.  Join today.


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